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Marieke van Merriënboer from Bilthoven, The Netherlands wrote on 19/02/2018:
Dear Menno,
Back home from our stay in Tanzania I like to thank you again for organising our fantastic holiday. It’s very nice and trustfull to have easy contact with you, that you answer emails so quickly, call when is suits better and that you make everything possible. After arriving, my son and I started to climb the Kilimanjaro by the Machame route in seven days. We booked a private climbing for the two of us and that was a very good choice. To know in advance what the level is and to do this together, not with other people, has our strongly preference. It was a great and unforgettable week. Leading guide was Amani and the assistent guide was Richard. For many years, Amani (and also Richard) is a very professional and experienced guide and we felt ourselves very confident and in very good hands with him. He knows quickly the level, adjust the tempo and is very alert on altitude sickness. He motivates you, is very nice to talk to and he has a lot of knowledge. His team is very friendly and helpfull where needed and we felt ourselves in very good hands with all of them the whole week. We noticed that it’s hard work but they have fun together. We liked to see that. Everything was very well organised so we could really enjoy it. The climbing was great! We enjoyed every moment, even the summit. Even if that's a very tough day, very long and exhausting. Many many thanks again for Amani and his whole team! You made it much more special for us by the way you did!
After the climbing we went on a three day safari and overnight in the Morona Hill Lodge. What a very very lovely place to stay! The way from the main road to the lodge is an adventure. A dirt road through the Masai land, very very nice and beautifull, it gives you the real Africa feeling! The lodge is magnificient! A paradise where you feel yourself very welcome and comfortable. What a view, what a nice furnitured rooms and restaurant, and what a very lovely swimmingpool area. We enjoyed it so very much. And talking with Menno was very nice. To hear how he built up his business, talk about Tanzania and about life.
Thank you very much again, Menno, the climbing was unforgettable, we enjoyed the Morona Hill Lodge very very much
and the safari was very nice after the climbing!

Bilthoven, The Netherlands
Floris van Hoeve
Marieke van Merriënboer
Ruud & Christa from Goes wrote on 27/01/2018:
Thank you Menno for arranging an incredible safari experience for us! We went on a great 5-day safari adventure. It was all well taken care of and we really enjoyed everything we saw and every minute of it. It has exceeded all our expectations!

Apart from the beautiful parks with an abundance of animals that we have seen, we were also very impressed by the accommodations where we slept with, of course, your own Morona Hill Lodge as the highlight of them all. What a great place!

We were extremely impressed with the wildlife we ​​have seen! We were very lucky to see a hyena kill a wildebeast and had the privilage to see a leopard up close when we were the only car out there. Wow!
Altogether a great experience. Thanks again! Good luck with Hofland Expeditions and of course with your lodge. All the best!
Diego Chillon from Utrecht wrote on 11/10/2017:
Dear Menno,

(intro for factual purposes) I climbed Kilimanjaro between 22 and 29 of September 2017. I did this in 8 days, as a private expedition and alone as client but with the great support of head guide Amani and his crew. We climbed following Lemosho, Lava tower, Moir Hut, Buffalo Camp, final ascent via Rongai route from Kibo hut, and down Mweka, commonly known as the Northern Circuit.

I wanted to thank you for this great experience. It will be part of me for the rest of my life. I am glad for the good communication, and if there were some minor points you always managed to solve them. The route itself was fantastic. I based my choice after lots of reading and wanted to experience the climb with minimal amount of tourists. I managed this until summit night and the day after. Then I realised it can also get busy when all routes join at the top and go down Mweka.

I also wanted to make a special mention to Amani. I was already impressed when I met him at the outpost lodge for the briefing. A very fit guy, very knowledgeable and with more than 20 years of experience climbing the mountain. Quite a resumé. But that was not all, the briefing was informational for me of course but for him to know who he was going to guide. He asked me all the right questions; from age, level of fitness, exposure to altitude in the past to the types of medicine I was carrying, food allergies etc. It gave me a lot of reassurance.

Amani has been not only a guide to me, also a great companion. He patiently answered all my questions, shared information (and meals) with me and helped with everything. He set the right pace for my climb. This is one of the most important success factors. I strongly believe I made it without a single problem mainly because of this. Knowing you are putting your life in someone’s hands to some extent with this climb, I would have not chosen a different person for the task!

With Amani, I also wanted to thank the rest of his crew. Ludiger, a great cook! I can’t believe what he was able to produce every single time on just a camping gas pit! I would like to know what he can do with a normal kitchen….. yum. Priscus, the fastest porter on Kili, was always very attentive. Actually I have deep respect for the whole crew. All very hard working and humble. They all contributed to my success. So thanks all!

Menno, I will surely call you if I decide to bring my family for a safari and a few days to Zanzibar.

Amani, with all my appreciation!

Kind regards
Diego Chillón
Eva from Naples, FL wrote on 13/02/2017:
Menno, thank you very much for the fantastic safari you organized for my husband and I. We had the most amazing time with the best safari company in Tanzania. Our driver, Nico, was very experienced and such a nice guy, who made sure we saw everything we hoped for and more. The accommodations were wonderful at Morona Hill, Rhino Lodge and the choice of tented camp. Overall our experience with the company was great and well-organized. We would definitely recommend Hofland Expeditions to anyone traveling to Tanzania.
Sandra wrote on 25/04/2016:
Great website!I am very much looking forward for my next visit to Tanzania later this year. With Hofland Expeditions I trust it will be a beautiful journey again!